Stainless Steel Security Window Screen

Stainless steel security window screen is made from high strength stainless steel wire through the precision loom weaving. It has the property of resisting of shearing and impact force. It not only prevent the thefts and bullet but also has elegant appearance. .It is your ideal home decoration product.

stainless steel wire 201,202,304L, 316, 316L

Wire diameter:
 0.50mm,0.55mm,0.60mm ,0.70mm,0.80mm,0.90mm,1.0mm
Mesh size:  10*10mesh,11*11mesh,12*12mesh,13*13mesh,14*14mesh,15*15mesh

Surface treatment 
black-matte powder coated,  grey, white, brown, yellow, green, various colours as you wish

used in all types of windows and doors
Used in producing security screen that guards your hours anti-theft,anti-mosquito,
anti-pest.It is suitable for advanced door andwindow.This mesh was submitted to
Australian Engineering Laboratories for testing.

a ) Prevent from rats, snakes, flies etc.
b ) High strength, can not be kicked in or broken with hammers
c ) Can not be cut with scissors
d ) Fire proof, maximum anti corrosion
e ) Clear from inside,can not be seen thru from outside
f ) Easy to clean


Material Mesh size Wire Dia. colour
SS304/316 10X10 0.10MM Black /gray/original/green/white
SS304/316 11X11 0.90MM Black /gray/original/green/white
SS304/316 11X11 0.80MM Black /gray/original/green/white
SS304/316 12X12 0.70MM Black /gray/original/green/white
SS304/316 14X14 0.60MM Black /gray/original/green/white
SS304/316 14X14 0.55MM Black /gray/original/green/white
SS304/316 14X14 0.50MM Black /gray/original/green/white